Happiness takes Courage

In the midst of the fire she stood, with a bucket of her own tears in her hands. Finally, she poured it into the fire but it only consumed it like it had been thirsty all this while. It occurred to her too late that a few steps, a few burns and she’ll be out.

Misery longs for surrender, it is Happiness that takes courage. 


Growing up

Growing up is so easy. Isn’t it? Growing up is fun.I loved it too. The idea of being able to do whatever you want was so fascinating to me. But don’t You think that things change way too soon? Now when I am a grown up, I can do whatever I want & my ‘whatever’ is still the same but I am not able to do anything. I still want to eat as many candies and chocolates but without getting fat because people don’t like fat, do they? I still want to watch all my favorite cartoon shows but I don’t have any time to. I am so busy, are you? I still want to play with all my friends but I am left with only a few. What about you? I still want to be a good girl and I still want a star on my face but I am no more innocent, I can’t be a good girl because I can see the bad in everyone and If I stay a good girl, I’ll be crushed, they say. I feel my soul heavier & my heart smaller. I don’t like it anymore. Growing up? Let’s not do it. Its not my ‘whatever’ anymore. 

5 reasons Why being an introvert is not bad at all

Some days I want to walk alone with all the thoughts you gave me. I want to see the World, but by standing at a distance from it. Some days I want to be another World and think about your World. Some days I want to learn. I want to teach. I want to evolve. Alone. Some days, these are most of the days

No, I am not Anti-social. Yes, I love my solitude. That’s the best thing I have got, the ability to separate myself from everything around me and still be able to connect to it all.

1. You stand out of the Crowd

Why does it bothers them? It bothers them because you are different. You are one of them but not them. It bothers people to see you alone and be completely happy with it, after all not everyone can manage that. You crave for something they run away from i.e. Solitude.  

2. You are a great thinker.

Believe me, you are lucky you can put everything aside and decide not to entertain anyone till you feel better and stronger. You know how to distance yourself from anything and everything that disturbs you, and come back stronger. There is the World; shouting, running, complaining, crying and then there are you; wrapped in your thoughts, away from the tumult, thoughtful and calm, thinking and evolving. Looking within you and getting more in touch with yourself than anyone else. Nothing else makes sense.

3. Everyday is a Me Day

You get to talk to the most reliable person, almost everyday. The more you feel the World is distant to you, the more you feel close to yourself. You feel safe with no one else but you, that is why you do not wish to express it to the people and that’s completely okay. You just need some time alone to relax and feel better, simply you love your company the best! Talk about self-love. Ha!

4. No one knows you

When you don’t believe in socializing, no one really gets to you. You are always a mystery to the World. They may know everything about you but they never get to know everything of you, not even your parents. They think you are you care, but you don’t. They think you don’t care, but no one cares more. Mystery continues.

5. You connect to never disconnect

You may show interest in just a few people but that’s where all your efforts go. You give everything into them. You observe. The time you spend not talking is the time you spend to listen. You never disappoint people you love, because all you have us them. You truly, madly, deeply love them and can give up anything for them. The fewer the better but forever.

Introverts are not rude, and definitely not weird, they just love being alone and are not comfortable with too many people around. If you know an introvert then you know they are some of the best people you know.

I have been sitting alone under the moon lit sky,

And for a while, things seem to be just right.

Do you know me? I don’t.

How do you react when you meet a new person? You have your doubts and your fears. You don’t know how they think, how they feel, what they want and what they need. You stand facing them but your mind wanders to an unknown place, where either you might get lost or you might find home. How do you react when you meet a new me?

I have been seeing a stranger every day for the past eight months, we look-alike, she has the same dark brown eyes and thick black brows, a pointed nose and a pleasant smile. I look at her every morning in the mirror. I don’t recognize her. I don’t know how she came into being, I don’t know how she knows to smile with that broken soul, I don’t know why she looks as if she is put together.

She is not me. She is weak, she loves them so much that it breaks her. She holds her soul out and lets them feed on it. She gives away love, more than she has. She is left with nothing. She needs help, she doesn’t ask for it. She thinks only about them, she cares for useless people giving her nothing but pain. She looks dead tired. Dead and tired. She cries, tries, cries, dies.

I am strong, stronger than she has ever been. I see through people,she is fooled by their fake smiles. I protect myself from the pain, she waits for someone to fight for her. I smile  like I will set everything right, she has been waiting for things to fall in place. I love myself, She doesn’t knows how to. She is an angel, I am a human being. She is surviving, I am living. I am a broken art piece with a whole life, she is a whole body with a broken life. I am present, she is past me.

No sooner did I reach to touch her, the mirror broke, she stepped closer and walked right in to me. That was the day I  died, that was the day i was born. That was the day I no longer knew the old me. Do you know me? I don’t.

She was not meant for this World, she was born to face the mean World.


5 Struggles you face after you Move on.

There is nothing better than moving away from a feeling that breaks you, there is nothing better than breaking away from a relation that poisons your life. But is it really that easy? Breaking up and leaving your unfortunate past behind and starting a better life is not always as easy as it sounds. It involves struggle. Struggle with the outside world and struggle with the new-spirited heart.

1. The pseudo-guilt

It will eat you up , believe me. At every step you take towards a new beginning your past will pull you back and you’ll be inclined to turn to the call of guilt. No matter how much you suffered during your last relationship, you will face guilt. Guilt of doing wrong to the person who was wrong for you in the first place. Do not let this pseudo-guilt knock you down, or worse get you back to where you were. There is nothing wrong in choosing your Happiness. There is nothing wrong in leaving what was not good for your heart.

2. Losing the sense of direction

Now that you have begun to move, the thing that comes to haunt you is where to go! Left or right? Simple, never go back to what you left, move towards what feels right. Do what makes you absolutely happy. Turn, to face dead ends, stop to let the traffic flow or run wildly  to your happiness. Go wherever you wanted to go but this time with a free and  happy spirit! Kudos my friend!

3. I shouldn’t be Happy

Yes, this is what comes to your mind every time you smile or laugh. The burden of a broken Relationship expects you to be sad and cry to your pillows , the after break-up ritual I guess. Don’t fall for it. You are supposed to be happy, you can be happy. You have left what was painful and was breaking your heart, a Love like that is not love at all. Be happy because it takes courage to say “It’s enough, I can no longer take it!”, It takes courage to leave behind something you once thoroughly believed in, It takes courage to smile with broken beliefs. So, Say cheese!

4. What will people say?

This one is my favorite. So, you two were in a relationship with each other, and you need to think about people when you walk out of it? It is insane, but true. Most of the people face this when they decide to live a better life. You feel people looking at you and blaming you or sympathizing with you. Some say it ended because of you and some say you ruined it all. They say it, but what they don’t know is it was you who cried yourself to sleep, it was you who found out he had been cheating all this while, it was you who knows how she used you. They don’t know that you tried your best. Do not let them tell you about something you have lived, you have suffered.

5.The fear of being hurt again.

Guarantee is the only thing no one can give guarantee about. What happened in your past is left in the past, what your future holds is in the future, what your present shows is your reality. No one can guarantee that you won’t be hurt again, that you won’t be sad or lost again. The only thing that is guaranteed is that this time you will be stronger when you face it, this time you will be wiser with all the lessons from the past. This time you will be a warrior, wounded but walking right toward happiness.

Your conscious and the people will always be in a conflict of what’s right and what’s wrong. There will be times when your past will knock your door, do not open it. There will be times when you will have this urge to look back, do it and shout back that you aren’t coming back. Write it on your heart, ‘I am moving on, away from what was not meant to be, towards what is meant to be’.

Move on, let happiness wash the pain of your past off you.