But when did Hypocrisy become humanity?

I am no angel, I am a human. I walk through humans and live with humans. I talk to humans and I talk about humans. I see Humans, but I see no humanity.

This thing never leaves my mind, no matter how much I try I am not able to dismiss this recurring thought that keeps disturbing my heart. I watch the news and I feel Oh God humanity is dead, I walk past an old man being pushed away by careless people too busy to stop and give way, and anger rushes through my blood and I feel Do they call themselves humans? Endless similar incidents and endless questions of why do we choose to be so heartless. I say ‘we’ because I do nothing to separate myself from you. I crib and cry about you not being a human I wish to be.

Same things, same people and humanity that flourishes on Social media

Right before you posted that heart touching status about How people should respect Women and how Rape is inhuman, you pushed off an old woman who was begging you for a little food. Right before you shared that video about why we need to save lives of people who do not have lives as easy and luxurious as ours, you brutally kicked a small boy for touching your expensive car. You oogle at the hot girls in your college, in your neighborhood and anywhere you find them and then you tweet about the rape case which you feel is disgusting and against humanity. You insult you parents when they ask you for things that you don’t find interesting, and then you share a heart wrenching post about how you should respect your parents.

This what we do, don’t we? Keep sharing and posting things that are as meaningless and ignored in real life. Either stop pretending, or start acting. Maybe then you could face the world without guilt at the back of your head.