To the Society, with love.

There is no other simpler way to say it, I have lived a life for you,Society. I have looked at the mirror, seen myself thoroughly, through your eyes. I looked at the reflection of my body wrapped in your approval. I walk out with a free soul, in a tied body. I see you looking at me when I say something you don’t like to be said in public, I feel the weight of your scrutinizing gaze upon me. Wherever I go, whatever I do, I look at you for approval or applause. I feel good when you look at me with praise in your eyes, but I almost die when you abandon me. I need to impress you, I need to prove that I fit in, I try hard but you get harder. Every time I feel I am one of you, you turn me away and put me down.

I have tried to cut myself at places you said shouldn’t be the way they are. I hated myself at the places where I needed love. I stopped, I wasted away, I lost, I did as you say. But lately, I have been giving away, the ropes are down, I am burning them, one by one. I am letting myself grow, the way I feel right. Because, 20 years, has been a long time, enough to realize that it is my life, my body, my smiles. 20 years, and I am done with hiding who I am. I am done with you telling me how to be a good woman, and how to love a man. I am done with muffled voices of my prisoner heart. I am done with moving with your time, your wrongs and rights. I am a big girl,20 years, and I am going to live , starting from today.



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