Another Day at Life


Mornings must be full of life. Wake up and wash your face, they say. But getting ready for another day has become so tiring nowadays. I don’t want to get up. I want be lost in this blankness of sleep for a little longer, because sleeping lets you forget that as soon as you get up, you need to run.

I am a student. I am not in a hurry personally, if the world is sucked out of my mind, you’ll find me to be an extremely happy child, so full of life. But socially, I have to run to survive. When I was over with school, I had to gear up for college. When I got into college, I had  to go ahead of others and sit in placements, to reserve a place. Now, I am over with college. No, don’t stop yet, you cannot rest, they say again. I get on my toes, and get ready for another race.

But if you suck the world out of my mind, I’d rather read books, or go travelling beautiful places. I’d rather sit back and relax. I’d rather give away myself to all the things I missed out because of the senseless race. But the world is in my mind, and the voices are confusing,speaking all at once. I need to excel at something, otherwise they’ll laugh. Run!

Good mornings, aren’t really good, they force me to put my shoes on, and walk on the steps that aren’t even mine. What forces me? Oh! It is all so gloomy. I wish I could pull them all out of my mind, and step out of the race. I wish I could sit down, with a smile on my face while they all run about.

Nights aren’t good either. They are even more scarier, because I hear voices closer when the sun goes down. I wish they stop speaking, or at least whisper quietly. I don’t understand why they keep screaming. I wish nights were just about stars and moon, about going to sleep.
I wish stars weren’t directions, and moon not hung to conquer. I wish people lived more than they try to understand live. Because they do it all wrong, they make it all run!

I wish that smiles were real, and hopes were up. I wish waking up was a beautiful feeling. I wish every other day at life wasn’t as dim, and I wish we loved living.


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