Her smile

And She told people about it like it was easy.

Like it was easy to fix herself,

like it was easy to forget the pain,

like it was easy to walk away,

like it was easy to be happy again,

like her heart was never broken,

like she wasn’t afraid, like she still isn’t.

She told to people about it like she never trembled

when she saw it all fall apart, slowly, piece by piece,

pieces she had put up together herself.

But It was easy, easy to lie.

Her smile could hide everything.



Happiness takes Courage

In the midst of the fire she stood, with a bucket of her own tears in her hands. Finally, she poured it into the fire but it only consumed it like it had been thirsty all this while. It occurred to her too late that a few steps, a few burns and she’ll be out.

Misery longs for surrender, it is Happiness that takes courage. 

Growing up

Growing up is so easy. Isn’t it? Growing up is fun.I loved it too. The idea of being able to do whatever you want was so fascinating to me. But don’t You think that things change way too soon? Now when I am a grown up, I can do whatever I want & my ‘whatever’ is still the same but I am not able to do anything. I still want to eat as many candies and chocolates but without getting fat because people don’t like fat, do they? I still want to watch all my favorite cartoon shows but I don’t have any time to. I am so busy, are you? I still want to play with all my friends but I am left with only a few. What about you? I still want to be a good girl and I still want a star on my face but I am no more innocent, I can’t be a good girl because I can see the bad in everyone and If I stay a good girl, I’ll be crushed, they say. I feel my soul heavier & my heart smaller. I don’t like it anymore. Growing up? Let’s not do it. Its not my ‘whatever’ anymore.