Known in in the unknown

She was pretty.. Her voice so sweet.
She wasn’t like every girl you meet.
She talked for hours.. And laughed like always..
She was lost sometimes.. Sometimes she could find her ways..
To her friends she was true..
Wat they wanted she always knew.
I wonder if anyone could see..
The fear in her eyes..wat could it be?
The fear of getting lost and not being searched for..
The fear of getting hurt and not being cared for..
She looked after the flowers.. Yet the thorns hurt her..
She cared for them.. And they left her for some ‘Other’
Yes,she wasn’t a girl anyone could fall in love,
She wasn’t a girl who could never be wrong,
She wasn’t a girl everyone wanted,
She wasn’t the girl with whom no one was ever disappointed.
But she was a girl who would still love you if you stopped.
She was a girl who would forgive u even if u did her wrong,
She was a girl who’ll be always be there if u wanted,
She was a girl who’ll be more than hurt if u were disappointed.
She never wanted the attention of all,
She never wanted anyone to fall.
She couldn’t boast about all the guys loving her,
She couldn’t boast about being the prettiest girl.
All she wanted was her part of happiness and smiles.
All she wanted was someone to walk with her for miles.
A world which was just hers,whole.
A world her loved ones no one stole.
A world where she could smile and not worry about tears.
A world where someone could stand through all her fears..
A world where she was known in the unknown.