“Nothing was as…

“Nothing was as bright as the light in her eyes,still it was dark around because she had kept them shut too tight”


The girl in the mirror

Today I looked at the mirror..

A girl looked back at me..

Her eyes were sad..

I could see..

And then i told her..

My sweetheart i don’t know what you lack..

But this time I somehow know..

he isn’t coming back.

Suddenly I could see her eyes getting wet.

Oh no no,”please smile”I said,you are the sweetest girl I ever met..

She bent her eyes..

I couldn’t help but say¬† “You are the one who makes her friends and parents smile everyday..” And then she looked in my eyes with an unusual glow..

When he stopped loving me. I would love me.

And I know at least I would never leave.

She changed for better

She was always strong

Now stronger than ever..

now she stood up like she was let down never.

She was always good.

Now better than ever..

Now She forgave everyone like she was hurt never.

She was always pretty.

Now prettier than ever..

Now She smiled like she cried never.

She was always beautiful..

now more beautiful than ever..

Now she loved people like she was heart broken never.Image